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>>Ok, I'll chime in here.  For any specifics of lockers, please read my
>>Steamboat reports.  Scott, specific to your post, comments inserted.


>>>>Can't really spin a tire.
>>>That's because Trg goes down when you do.  Some consider this a good
thing. I don't

>>ahh, "the mystery of the vanishing torque".  author from the windy city.
>>scott, are you about to publish something to disprove newton??? :-)

>Mercy Dave, bad wheaties?  I believe that if a wheel spins, Trg is reduced.
>That's torque ring gear.  Doesn't really matter what engine output is.

nope.  you can't change the engine-side torque to the diff other than by
gearing or speed. "trg" to use your [incorrect] definition (the centre
torsen doesn't actually have a ring gear, but the carrier is connected to
the gearbox output).  have a look at a torsen, identify the "ring gear"
[carrier], look at what it is connected to.  you are mistaking the
allocation of torque across the torsen with the torque input to it.

>>>>Next, even without locking the rear diff, its pretty tough to spin a
>>>The torsen works the same with or without locking the rear diff.
>>really???  your lack of understanding of this simple little device still
>>beggars belief...

>The torsen couldn't care if you had a LSD front, LSD rear, EDL front EDL
>it reacts to only 1 EFFECT.  Attempted speed differentiation.  As the
>listed, he was speaking of a straight line, in which case, the torsen will
>work the same with or without locking the rear diff, as would a locker.

completely incorrect.  the torsen will react to the loss of traction from a
single tyre.  with the normal open front/rear diffs, this has a fundamental
effect on the "input torque" to the torsen centre.  a locked or edl rear
diff will fundamentally alter this behaviour.

perhaps i should also point out the rather obvious inconsistency of your
statement above "I believe that if a wheel spins, Trg is reduced", with the
very next one "the torsen will
work the same with or without locking the rear diff".  ummmmmmm....

scott, you really should get the basics sorted out (with yourself) before
you start spouting...

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

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