[torsen] Velocity of drive wheels irrelevent to "Tx"

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Mon Dec 16 13:20:43 EST 2002

I sent this to Keith privately, but it's good information wrt "velocity" 
arguments.  For the sake of Torque (Trg/Teng/T1/T2) in the torsen driveline 
application, velocity of the drive wheel appears irrelevent. 

WRT your rotational spinup concept (SAE 885140 2.1):
"Power of course, is the product of torqque and rotational speed.  However, 
since it is possible to express vehicular traction as a reaction force acting 
at a given drive wheel radius, traction considerations related to the 
function of power transfer to the drive axles may be expressed in terms of 
torque alone"

"Actually, two types of torque transfers may be identified in differentials.  
The first being the one primary function related to the transfer of torque 
from a single power source (engine) to the drive axles.  The second type is 
the transfer of torque between the drive axles.  The two types of torque 
transfer are interrrelated, and it is an important characteristic of the 
torsen differentiela to control torque transfers between drive axles and 
thereby enhance the capactity of the differential to transfer an increased 
amount of torque to the drive axles collectively."

I'm reading into all this that the velocity thing isn't a factor in defining 
T1, T2, Teng or Trg.  It is defined/attributed to "wheel slip", the amount of 
slip is measured at T1/T2/Teng/Trg.  The velocity of slip becomes irrelevent 
to the drop of these numbers.



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