[torsen] Redline vs. Competitors...

Dave Hord spokes at mail.the-wire.com
Sun Feb 3 20:35:03 EST 2002

I had an interesting conversation with an AMSOIL rep at a tradshow last week.

We were discussing different fluids etc...but, not having my manual handy I 
couldn't specifically talk about what my Audi used for fluid.

He made an interesting comment when I told him that I've always used Redline 
Oils in my tranny and rear diff...but I have a change interval coming up...

His comment was that Redline makes exceptional oils, but their quality has been 
going downhill for the past number of years.  Wouldn't say why, only that they 
are more prone to failure then they used to be.

So, my question is this: 

Redline or Amsoil in my tranny and diff?  Why?  Or, should I bypass both and 
try a different brand?


P.S. both tranny and diff on the 1989 90q use a 17mm hex right?  I don't want 
to crawl under in this 0deg weather...

89 90q  purrs like kitten...okay, a LOUD kitten.

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