[torsen] Tire sizes and Torsen diff

Uldis Bojars captsolo at pop3.pid.gov.lv
Fri Jan 4 10:00:06 EST 2002

Hi, All!

  A question to Torsen list specialists:

  I have an Audi 100q 2.8 (1991) with Torsen diff in center.
  I bought it with 185/65R15 tires in front and 195/65R15 tires in

  Service specialists say that I should change tires to be of the same
  size ASAP. (Difference in tire diameter is ~7mm?) If I do not
  change, they say I risk the damage of Torsen diff.

  Could you comment if that is true and how big the risk is?
  Is Torsen more or less vulnerable that the diff used in older
  Quattro models? And isn't a diff meant to allow for variation
  in wheel speed?

Best regards,
 Uldis                          mailto:captsolo at pop3.pid.gov.lv

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