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Good eye Jeff.  Did you notice the slam to the audi Haldex with the "full 
time awd all the time" comment?  Looks too, like it hasn't changed all that 
much, the amount of shift reduces as you target a different static F/R bias 
(than 50/50).  Unlike those that are drooling on the 60/40 r-f static, I like 
the idea of keeping the fwd attitude with the 75f/25rear to 60f/40r, it would 
seem more complimentary to a static 60f/40r *weight* biased audi quattro, 
allowing fwd character all the time.

All that said, it's my understanding that haldex *can* be a full time awd 
application, and is already in production (Jeep) in that form.  IMU as well, 
that audi *chose* the synchro concept in the haldex application for reasons 
known only to them (as of now anyway).

Scott J
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I just stumbled upon this page today...


Perhaps the potential of the Torsen center diff in an AWD application will
finally be realized

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