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Very interesting indeed Jimmy.  My thinking is that the most interesting "pi" 
graph would be to leave the 3:1BR and mess just with the rear differential.  
The problem of F/R wheelspin existed after the 5:1BR change (it should 
actually be ,  and the rear differential tuning took care of the problem, 
backing up the variables to put the 3:1BR in I'd bet would yield the same 
result.  This is consistent with the handling of the older torsen cars 
disabling the 15mph cutout of the locking rear diff.  A slower rear axle 
speed, keeps the torque allocation rear longer.  If that's the case, 
increasing the BR should prove unecessary.  Not listing the "pi" chart 
parameters, I'm guessing that the red is the spin-up.  If that's the case, 
the spin up is MORE in the 5:1BR, which I would expect.

Might be interesting to hear how the "off" happened as well.  

Still skeptical of *increasing* BR of any center torsen


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Interesting article on AW today about the Stasis A4 Touring Car and it's
unique Torsen tuning:

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