[torsen] Re: [urq] RS2 vs. k24-young punk weighs in

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Wed Jun 12 17:01:36 EDT 2002

I have no business in this conversation, but oh well-it is very interesting
(the parts I _can_ understand-and I'm a glutton for punishment)....Regarding
below--wouldn't immediate off the line performance weigh in favor of the
wagon due to better compression ratio and more sophisticated engine
management of MC motor?

'84 ur

> Jon, I'd take btdt over theory anyday.  That said, I've got the RS2
> in my CIS wagon, and it works with minimal lag.  I've got the k24 in the
> urq, and it works with minimal lag.  What most would expect to see
> me) is the k24 taking my wagon off the line (especially since these are
> applications).  That just doesn't happen.

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