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Chris Covington malth at umich.edu
Fri Jun 14 22:00:17 EDT 2002

So basically, if I like low-end torque I might as well be happy with my
K24 as that's as good as it gets?  It already has shit for low end
torque, wouldn't want that to get any worse.  Damn, I miss my small block
V8 LT1 Trans Am then (burnouts at 1/4 throttle in 1st were nice).

Come on Scott, you're a fellow hick like me - why do you even bother
driving these things?  AWD?  Mine's just a good all-weather driver with
some passing power on the highway.

'91 200q20v (stock with IA3)

On Fri, 14 Jun 2002 QSHIPQ at aol.com wrote:

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> Javad:
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> In a message dated 6/14/02 11:33:57 AM Central Daylight Time, JShadzi writes:
> >Agreed with the below, especially if you are talking straight T04E
> non-hybrid, has >not place being on a small 2.2.  Currently I'm running the
> 50 trim hybrid which I >believe is the best overall trim for good
> streetability.  The 57 and 60 trims will build >good, useable boost but at
> about 500+ rpm response lag, definitely on the really >big side for a little
> 2.2.  Funny, though, how many 1.8t guys are running a big >T3III/T04E60 trim.
> Sounds like many could benefit from spending some money on a turbo dyno (yup
> they have those).  Maps easily indicate how far "off" you are in sizing.  In
> the world of choices, opening up too much top end almost always COMES at the
> expense of low end.  I say if you don't ever need or will never need the
> 800+cfm, go smaller and get back the low end.
> The basic recommendations for matching turbos is in several publications,
> including Corky Bell's.  If you haven't taken a gander at a turbo MAP and
> understand how it works, going BIG is a sell, not necessarily a wise
> decision.  I've seen many a post here wrt "bigger=better" where the turbo
> never gets to it's peak turbo CE.  Better ways to skin that cat IMO/E.
> >I wouldn't mind palying around with an RS2 if it didn't cost 2-3 times more
> than the >hybrids I have acess to now.
> Ha, want some real prices.  Call MTM, he's got some stuff that makes the RS2
> seem like a steal, we have some of his hardware on the S2 rally car.  There
> are some cold side wheels and housing designs, that really rock.  I've seen
> them in hand, so has Ned.
> Once Bob and I get your EFI straightened out Javad, it will be plunked on an
> RS2 turbo equipped 5ktq with a monter IC, and 4.11 gears.  Looking forward to
> even less lag than it has now.
> SJ

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