[torsen] RE: [urq] how much boost?

Bruce Bell bbell at surview.com
Sat Mar 2 17:12:03 EST 2002

Hi Scott, Good info, as usual.

 ... Most of the information on that site, Bruce, is for figuring/tuning N/A

I agree. It does compute absolute atmospheric pressure for use in computing
pressure ratio at any given altitude, which is why I suggested the site.

... WRT urq's, remember that you have a pressure transducer that only
accurately reads to 1.95bar.  What this means is you have a PT that can
differentiate between 1.95bar and 1.94 bar, but can't differentiate between
1.95bar and 1.96 bar (basically anything over 1.95bar is interpreted as
4.9v -max).  Pounding 2.0PT at 2.4PR will cause PT failure, or more likely,
inaccuracy.  Something to consider as you are messing wit dem dere

 ... If I find some more my more nerdy posts on the subject, I'll let you
know.  This should be what you need for this discussion.  BTW Brandon, the
Blue Streak was running 17-18psi peak 15-16 continuous at Steamboat...

 OK,  I'm curious, so what are you using for a PT that allows a PR > than
2.4 in Steamboat?

 << Here is a handy link for computing absolute atmospheric pressure:

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