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Wed Mar 20 10:10:24 EST 2002

Hi Charlie:
At the risk of breaking out of my torsen list exile, I read the following 
which compelled me to post.
>The other option is to increase Cf and/or decrease Cr.
>This could be done over a limited range with tire pressure,
>or by choosing different front/rear tires.
>I would caution that any experimentation in this area
>needs to be done with great care and preferably in
>small increments.

I completely understand WHAT the issue is, I've experienced it many times.  
If you want to see a bunch of what AUDI found in these scenarios, get a copy 
of 885140, 880321 and read the Zexel paper that Dave Eaton gave a 
comprehesive copy of:  "Torsen in a center application - zexel paper " - 
qlist archives on 06-10-98.  Remember, a torsen has varying characteristic 
under power, coast and braking modes.  Much of the print can be applied to a 
lot of the anomolies found under "unusual chassis dynamics" as described.  
Unfortunately, the issues Paul brought up have been tried in many of these 
papers (885140 goes to GVWR in many of their tests).   IME/O you can "reduce" 
the "unusual chassis dynamics" by varying some of the matrix involved, but 
without changing the device, the problem will still exist during any 
situation other than a staight line, INLCUDING transient response.  

Scott Justusson

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charlie at elektro.cmhnet.org writes:

The situation of a quick direction change at 75+ MPH causing the rear end
to feel like it's going to go into oscillating swings sideways can happen
with minimal or no power application.  There is certainly no power induced
loss of traction occuring.  When the oscillation occurs, even taking your
foot off the gas makes no difference.

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