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Audi has documented success with longer tire life in both racing and 
rallying, which helped them greatly in tire choice and longevity pit/service 
strategy.  Also well documented very early on in quattro: audi chasing the 
anomoly of increase in gas mileage over the 2wd counterparts, even with the 
increase weight of the quattro drivetrain.  What was found is that the tire 
slip of driven wheels is less on a car that drives four (open center) vs 2 
(open diff).  

One could argue too, however, that the open diff quattro ALWAYS distributes 
torque 50% to each drive axle.  The torsen doesn't, it distributes torque 
from 22/78>78/22.  It "wants" to return to 50/50, but never really 
mechanically "stops" there, the elastic "hunt" means that something that one 
of the drive wheels is "constantly slipping".  My own thinking is that the 
"order of reduced wear" theory in center diff :
Center open
center VC differential lock

My .02


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> I think Audi is missing a bet by not talking about longer tire life
> due to the full time FWD.  The cars that have viscious couplings instead
> of a center differential don't get this benefit, because all the drive 
> goes through the 2 direct driven wheels - the 2 wheels on the other side
> of the viscious coupling don't get torque until there's a difference in
> the shaft speeds on both sides of the coupling - IE: one of the direct 
> driven wheels is slipping.
>     - Charlie

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