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Unh, OOOooooh, is dis a bite I feel coming on here Scott?
A brown recluse bite  :-)

On a more serious note, re bites, wheels & dynos.  Does anyone have any
particular experiences with wear & the Audi AWD system?  i.e., in watching
some of the DyanPack dyno runs it looked to me like it takes a bit of time
(can't say if it would vary with overall vehicle miles, but the particular
cars in question, while they had "new" transmissions, were running as far as
I know on the much higher mileage differentials), take a bit of "warming up"
to get the AWD to start "evenly" distributing the power to the four separate
dyno boxes.

Now that winters almost over, I'm wondering if there isn't a period of in
determinant length when you first start up a cold car during which the
automatic Audi AWD system isn't effectively distributing is AWD force

In my unscientific observations of the dynapack run it seemed that after one
or two major "all the power going to one or two wheels" things go warmed up,
and the driving force seemed to get distribute more evenly all around.

I will not deign to respond to Hap's slanderous denigration of my math
... or was that lack thereof?  As Rod Haney has pointed out, I should be
satisfied with being wise enough not to be putting ferrets or ground hogs in
with my cats!


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One could argue too, however, that the open diff quattro ALWAYS distributes
torque 50% to each drive axle.  The torsen .....


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