[torsen] get 'n the muddy yellow lamps out...

vincent lokers owenlokers at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 28 14:00:05 EST 2002

Anyone interested in some Halogen Xenonblue driving lamp bulbs??
They are the H3 size.-fit most Audi's
I actualy need the H7 - OOPS...
20 bucks for the pair...(orig. 13$ per bulb)
never been used
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>Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 11:53:30 EST
>Audi has documented success with longer tire life in both racing and
>rallying, which helped them greatly in tire choice and longevity 
>strategy.  Also well documented very early on in quattro: audi chasing the
>anomoly of increase in gas mileage over the 2wd counterparts, even with the
>increase weight of the quattro drivetrain.  What was found is that the tire
>slip of driven wheels is less on a car that drives four (open center) vs 2
>(open diff).
>One could argue too, however, that the open diff quattro ALWAYS distributes
>torque 50% to each drive axle.  The torsen doesn't, it distributes torque
>from 22/78>78/22.  It "wants" to return to 50/50, but never really
>mechanically "stops" there, the elastic "hunt" means that something that 
>of the drive wheels is "constantly slipping".  My own thinking is that the
>"order of reduced wear" theory in center diff :
>Center open
>center VC differential lock
>My .02
>In a message dated 3/28/02 10:11:07 AM Central Standard Time,
>charlie at elektro.cmhnet.org writes:
> > I think Audi is missing a bet by not talking about longer tire life
> > due to the full time FWD.  The cars that have viscious couplings instead
> > of a center differential don't get this benefit, because all the drive
> > goes through the 2 direct driven wheels - the 2 wheels on the other side
> > of the viscious coupling don't get torque until there's a difference in
> > the shaft speeds on both sides of the coupling - IE: one of the direct
> > driven wheels is slipping.
> >
> >     - Charlie
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