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David Eaton deaton at tranzrail.co.nz
Mon Nov 18 19:42:49 EST 2002

thanks for all the explanation keith.  i am quite familiar with the haldex,
and the way that it operates.  it is, by definition, a "hang-on" clutch.  it
can be nothing else as the pressure needed to operate the clutch is
generated by slip in the 1st place.  this is the same whether the
application is jeep or audi.  

if it would help, reference to the nvg site will show that they describe
their 247 haldex lsc-based coupling as "progressive on demand", and not


if it would help further, i can reference an nvg transmission engineer
talking about it.

according to haldex they are developing a variation of the lsc which uses an
external pump to operate the clutch - which obviously fundamentally alters
the use.  this is what may be causing some confusion here.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

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Man, this is a rough crowd! :)  While I don't necessarily always agree with
Scott J's comments, some of you guys are making similar non-informed BS
statements that you accuse him of doing.  And please, lets leave personal
attacks off the list.

Warning:  If you are scared of long posts with a lot of information,
(perhaps even more info than is needed to answer the question), hit delete


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