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Wed Nov 20 09:03:01 EST 2002

I believe the exact example would indicate the possibility that the 
driveshafts are spinning at the same speed, wouldn't that actually cause an 
Unlock of both devices?

if there is ANY speed differential in driveshafts, BOTH devices should stay 
locked.  I think we be looking more at the ability for an ecu intervention 
based on wheel speed input (abs sensors) causing the lock/increase lock in 
the Haldex and a release in the VC.

I'm not completly with you on the VC not locking up, but for sake of 
discussion, I'll accept  the argument.  I still think you are missing 
something.  More for your discussions with the H-boys.  I'm starting to 
really like this toy, TT application included (maybe with some tweeking).


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Keith.Maddock at trw.com writes:

I'm missing the riddle here.

The difference between VC and a pump-style LSC is simple.  A VC can't lock.

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