[torsen] Re: Haldex Riddle

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Wed Nov 20 10:56:01 EST 2002

Let me know how your discussions go with the Hboys.  I see a lot of 
interesting possibilities wrt the Gen II.  Actually regarding the Gen 1.  
Let's say for example one was to take one of those cheap BMW (or expensive 
audi) pressure bombs, and use it for *adding* force when there is no pumping 
action caused by speed differential. IN reality tho (my thinking), you would 
only need to decrease the amount of acceptable wheel slip to activation 
program, it's currently at 15% (haldex claim) of rotation.  With a more 
agressive piston/valve system that really could be 0 (yes?), certainly darn 
close.  Which means that you would have 100% power up all the time (even in 
straight line).  Now I'm really starting to like this toy.

WRT your other comments, the direction I'm trying to lead you and dave is 
going directly AT a switch or any electronic input ala the Haldex 
"alternative awd switch" mentioned way at the bottom of the concept page.  
Right now, we are starting to get agreement that the full (and really partial 
for that matter) lockup mode CAN be controlled externally by an infinite 
variety of inputs (like just windshield wipers>on putting the haldex in 
Defcon 3 mode).  Which means that it's also possible to dictate externally, 
ANY torque allocation point between 5% and lockup at ANY time (given:  
pressure in the system).  I see steamboat being a bunch more fun already :)

Keith, I'm very curious as to the possibilities of operation in the Gen II 
system.  Right now, I see the basics in the Gen I system to really have all 
the ingredients for a fully active awd system with all sorts of possible 
combinations/tweeks available, without losing any of the ability wrt that 
60ms disengagement.  Haldex "hints" at this many places on their website.  
All this certainly would add to your job security, that'a a lot of 

Thanks for helping me work this thru.  Since VC have NAC whatsoever (except 
ironically when audi raced quattros), we should save that discussion for some 
beers at a later meet.

Lockers rule (er, for now)....  Haldex VC into my urq?  I already have the 
switches for it, a reostat and a bit o tweeking to the calibration of the A/F 
guage to 5-45% transfer rear, bingo. :)

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