[torsen] RE: Haldex Riddle

Dave.Eaton Dave.Eaton at clear.net.nz
Fri Nov 22 03:50:24 EST 2002

this is relatively stright forward.  my brother's electronics company has
developed this capability for some engineering they are doing for a certain
large german car company - although not to talk to a haldex lsc.  i'll have
a talk to him about it.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

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From: Keith Maddock [mailto:Keith.Maddock at trw.com]
Subject: Re: Haldex Riddle

SJ> I'm starting to really like this toy, TT application included
SJ> (maybe with some tweeking).

Problem that I can see, is that all current communication that we do to talk
to the Haldex unit is via CAN.  It will be easy enough to find the
appropriate CAN messages, I wonder how cheaply a simple CAN-box could be
made that would just have the ability to transmit a few basic messages,
based on a couple of buttons or a rotary knob...

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