[torsen] crazy future project speculation

lrickert at covad.net lrickert at covad.net
Wed Oct 30 14:38:27 EST 2002

ok I have too much free time on my hands right now and have been thinking about
a project. It is building the group B car Audi should have done. This is a small
car (a golf perhaps) with a longitudinal mid engine and awd (like the Peugeot
205 T16). The mid engine with rear drive would not be a huge problem, it is
finding a way to make it awd that has stumped me and those I have talked with. I
thought I had found a way by taking a transverse fwd transaxle and rotating it
90 degrees and using the axle flanges as outputs for drive shafts. The problem
is the gearing would be totally off. I don’t suppose there is any way to get the
differential from a center diff into a fwd transaxle? (such as using the 4kq
part in a VW fwd transaxle) Any other ideas? The Toyota Previa is a mid engine
awd minivan, so that might provide parts, but I don’t know for sure. I have
heard that in Japan there is a tuner who builds an awd mid engine sports car
based on a modified Skyline GTR drivetrain, but I have no idea how they go about
it. My understanding is that the Infiniti SUV uses the same drivetrain as the
awd skyline although I can’t imagine that these would come very cheap.

anyway it is fun to think about if anyone has any ideas or wants to discuss this
let me know.


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