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WRT using v8 rear torsen with non rear torsen EDL equipped urS car......

>only up to the bias ratio of the torsen.  i don't know what it is in
>the V8Q's torsen (which i think is a torsen 1), but typically the bias
>ratio is on the order of 2-3:1.
Published on the v8 is the same as the center diff...  78-22-78 = 3.5:1BR

>there's also a coffin corner in the torsen's behavior.  the biasing is
>a multiple of the torque supportable by the wheel with the least traction.
>if that wheel has no traction at all, then the torsen will not deliver
>any torque to the wheel with traction, either.

Before that happens, EDL will intercede and add braking torque to the 
slipping wheel.  Torsen doesn't know the difference between EDL braking or 

The NICE feature of EDL not being able to operate over the center axle, is 
the exact ability to use a LSD rear diff without having to disable the EDL 
function.  AND limited slip capability over 40mph is a must for many of us 
crazy low cf guys.


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