[torsen] Disabling rear diff lock 15mph cutout

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Tue Sep 10 14:50:54 EDT 2002

To disonnect the rear diff "auto-defeat", you need about 5minutes.  Under 
your rear seat is the controller (Scars = 893-919-173) with 2 vacuum ports on 
one side of it.  On the other, is the pin connector.  The ground signal comes 
from the ecu via the Blue/White wire.  To disable the ground signal, snip 
that wire, install a SPST switch.  Now, during normal driving (or to compare 
performance), leave the ground signal uniterrupted (switch closed).  For 
track or spirited driving, flip the switch to interrupt the ground signal, 
the rear diff will stay locked as long as the consol switch is "on".  

After 7 years of runs at Steamboat (including an SCCA rallycross win), my 
suggested technique for rear diff on ice/snow courses:  As soon as you hit 
the apex, engage the rear locker, it will be faster than the open diff to the 
next turn.  Just before the next turn (braking/turning zone), disengage the 
lock and engage again at apex, repeat.  This requires a lot of concentration 
with a lot of other excitement going on, but will always yield the fastest 
time, btdt.

Your Torsen "hunt" assessment is dead nuts on, in extremely low cf conditions 
(or better phrased: really high Trg/cf ratio) the torsen will hunt, so much 
so that you can actually see the fronts spin, then the rears then the fronts 
again.  Getting the "hang of it" is best case scenario, cuz a lot of factors 
during that torque shift affect U or O outcome.  

The Hakka Q is probably the best winter tire going.  Last year at steamboat 
both Bob Dupree and I were running them on the urq's, and with proper 
technique, were giving nothing up to the blizzack equipped q's.  For some pix 
of Steamboat and the electronic diff lock mod:

Glad to see reports of getting experience in winter conditions.  Few quattro 
owners truly realize the full potential of the awd phenomenon, any 
generation.  BTW, the fastest torsen car this past year was Wil Metcalf in an 
MTM equipped neu S4tt.  FWIW, he ran with all the abs/edl fuses yanked.


Scott Justusson
'87 t44tqw mit lockers C/R
'84 RS2URQ mit lockers C/R
'83 Urq mit electronic locker conversion C/R

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