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Once the torsen reaches maximum Torque Bias Ratio (TBR), it will allow spin.  
At which point EDL kicks in.    From autotech 95 c498/30/14
As mentioned previously, Brake Traction Control Systems (BTCS) are capable of 
providing both proportioning and limiting.  So how can the Torque Sensing 
Differential help?  Since the Torque Sensing differential begins working 
*before* wheel spin occurs, the response of the system will be improved.  
Aslo, since much of the torque proportioning will be taken car of by the 
Torque Sensing differential, less brake effort (by BTCS) will be required."

There you go Mr Bucholz, very true.


Scott TB justusson
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I'm an unwashed illiterate so far as torsen and edl is concerned but from
what little I can gather in this thread it looks like the edl would never
come into play at all. The torsen would always kick in before the edl would
detect spin. Are there cases where the torsen would allow spin?

George Tur
91 V8

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