[torsen] no idle and dead engine once being started(air flow meter?)-help!!!!!!

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Fri Jul 4 13:40:08 EDT 2003

My car(Audi 80,manual,4 doors,1988,CIS-E M fuel
system) got a high (around 1200rm) and unstable
idle(will flucturate around 1200 after the car is
warm),but I didn't fix it for a few weeks.

 Yesterday morning,everything was Ok except for the
idle problem,which can still allow me to drive, but by
noon,once I started the car(it can be started),the
speed needle of engine just went down very quickly
from 700 or 800 to just 200 or 300 hundred, and then
stoped completely,without any hesitation,EVEN I
depressed the accelerator to give huge gas.

Occasionally,if I depressed the accelerator extremly
frequently(depress and then release,and then depress
again,over and over again),the speed of engine can go
up to 3000 even 4000,but it can not last and will go
down very quickly once I released even slightly the
accelerator.But now,it seems that even this positive
performance never comes again no matter how hard and
how frequently depress the accelerator. Once I start
the car,the engine will just go down and stop

Before the engine was dead,I ever dumpted fault
codes,which have already indicated that there are
something wrong with Air flow meter potentiometer,hock
sensor,Idle stabilizer valve,oxygen sensor and intake
system(leaking) or with their wirings.

But after the engine was dead,I can only dumpted the
codes about Air flow meter potentiometer and hock
sensor only, no codes any more for ISV,etc.

My questions:
1.What lead to the dead engine of the car? bad Air
flow meter potentiometer or something else?

2.Why is the change so much? In the morning,everyting
his ok except for the idle,but by noon,the engine was
just dead once being started?

3.if the intake system is leading very hard now, it
can lead to the problem?

4.My top priority is how to keep the car running after
the engine is started, because I can do nothing on the
car if I can not move it.Any solution?

5.It seems that air flow potentiometer can be
adjusted,how? I want to try it before I buy a new one.

6.can I change air flow potentiometer or the fuel
distributor by myself? what tools do I need? because I
can buy a used fuel distributor with tens of dollars.i
want to change it by myself.

any and all help is much appreciaated.

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