[torsen] Audi mc ecu mods (Qllc)

Fred no frederick999991 at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 24 15:52:47 EDT 2003

HI i have a 4000S audi wich had 5 cyl motor was converted to kh bored to 2.2 
l with mc pistons enyways engine oil pump died at 5000 rpm took like 6 
second before i understood anyways engine is dead now i put a mc in and it 
works ok but i dont have the stomp in the seat anymore like the other 
engine.Guess stroke /cam is not the same as mc engine... anyways im looking 
to up my boost. I am aware that Ben Swann has a code for cpu, i got a good 
eeprom programmer which can reprogram the flash. Id be estremely greatful if 
someone could send me the bin for a mac 10 /11 btw eeprom will be on mac 10.
Also anybody heard of original ng engine coupes witout the white 
mirrors/spoiler i got the disc brakes and the engine family on the trunk 
stiker check out ok. its canadian model and was bought on first of may...if 
u have one i want to hear from u :)

Anyways Looking forward to program my eeprom.

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