[torsen] differential/torque sensing question

mfjr at pro-ns.net mfjr at pro-ns.net
Mon Mar 17 13:32:49 EST 2003

We had a pretty sizable snowstorm a couple weeks ago and like a lot of giddy Q-
dudes, I had decided to go for a little cruise.  I found myself pulling into a 
halfway plowed parking space that was covered with about 6-8" of snow.  When 
leaving this spot I had tried to pull out (in reverse) but got STUCK, yes I 
thought my wheels must have been off the ground!  Anyway, I have those Yoko AVS 
tires (I know, where are my snows??) so I had stepped outside to assess the 
situation which to my surprise a plow had gone by the rear of the car, further 
fortifying my snow-capped postition with 10" of rear wheel wedging heavy snow.  
Then after a couple quick back-and-forth sessions, I leave the car in reverse 
(idling) and step out to see tht both rear wheels are spinning freely on the 
ice/snow and the front wheels were taking a leisurely break (no spin, at all).  
I thought "torsen" sent the power to the wheels with the most grip (i.e. the 
front).  So there I was looking at my car, that looked liked either a posi-
traction marvel or someone had welded the spider gears?? A few more minutes 
proved successful and going forward the car seemed unaffected (pulling with all 
four as expected). 

I thought I might share this, in case anyone has had similar moments or 
thoughts on how this can happen.


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