[torsen] ADMIN: Audifans server status update

urq urq at pacbell.net
Thu Nov 13 02:32:18 EST 2003

Since the urq and V8 lists are still dead, I thought I would try to send out
what I know via the torsen list.  I find it extremely ironic that while the
V8, urq and even the main quattro list are dead the "torsen" list lives on!

Anyway ... I got an e-mail from Dan Simoes the other day ... he indicated to
me that he wasn't able to work on getting the lists going last weekend due
to a death in the family.  He noted that Brett and Mark would do what they
could, but he would not be available to start again until this Friday.  Some
of you may have gotten a message to this effect from Dan, but I think others
may not.  To those of you who are receiving the torsen list, please feel
free to pass this message along to others you know who are on other lists
that might be wondering about what is going on ...

Steve Buchholz
Audifans torsen list admin

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