[torsen] Propshaft question for 4kq + ujoint p/n

Brady Moffatt bradym at sympatico.ca
Thu Nov 13 10:52:48 EST 2003

Hi Steve/All,

Since this is the last list standing(!) I'll post this here.

The center support bearing on my 4kq's propshaft started squealing, and upon
inspection, had a torn rubber support. I bought the BMW replacement part and
took it to my trusted Audi wrench. I told him he might have to slot the bolt
holes, since that was the only difference from the stock part.

Well, the propshaft vibrates at all speeds now (and it didn't before), but
is most noticeable when coming to a stop or when just starting off from a
stop, in gear or neutral, doesn't matter. The feeling is like when the diffs
are locked and you turn a corner. It's been up on the lift since and the
rear section of the propshaft hops around a lot, but the front section stays

The propshaft has been aligned many times in the past week or two, the old
bearing reinstalled to rule out the new bearing as the source, CV joints
inspected and repacked, all flanges were marked upon initial disassembly.
The u-joint that sits almost in the center bearing appears to be good.

I'm not so sure they didn't crush a needle bearing in the u-joint, though.
Does anyone know the part number for it, if it exists (BMW, Mercedes,


Any tips?

The wrench is suggesting I put in a whole used driveshaft, which doesn't
make sense to me, since the propshaft, cv joint, center bearing are all
good. They just want it over and done with.

Brady Moffatt
86 4kq
83 urq

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