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Tue Jan 6 09:44:28 EST 2004

The T-3 is designed specifically to be a center application, unlike the T1/T2 
versions which could be front/center/rear diffs with a housing change.  It 
doesn't appear that the T-3 is a twin diff (akin to the VC differential lock - 
over the center axle diff) in the new 4motion.  In the twin diff format, dual 
split capability is possible, but from the looks of the application, it appears 
to be at an infancy stage.  Again, this appears to be a response to the 
Haldex VC differential lock design.  Since Torsen advantage is always engaged vs 
coupling, I'm not really sure what the thinking is there, maybe just the 
"possibilities" increase?

It is interesting to note that since 2000 the TBR of torsen center 
applications has narrowed significantly, closing in on that 50/50 locker we Gen 1 guys 
have come to find most predictable.  The 20% lockup in the T-3 really shows 
that it's becoming Gen 1 with ABS function and oversteer on powerup. Improved 


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Keith.Maddock at TRW.COM writes:
Torsen 3, if I'm not mistaken, is based on a planetary gearset and allows the 
static torque distribution to be set with a bias like 60/40.


Changing the static bias rate more to the rear would most likely mean 
changing out the whole unit as you would need to change the gear ratios.
I suggest sending Torsen an email for more info!

The other cool thing is that it can be packaged as a "twin diff", which 
packages the front and center diffs as one unit.#


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