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Thanks for the suggestions...

Just for the record, I've been driving on the track now for 2 years with the
Passat.  I use a set of 17x8.5" SSR competition lightweight wheels with a
set of summer tires(Yoko ES100s and switching to Hoosiers).  I've upgraded
the braking system with stainless steel lines all around along with the BIRA
level 1 upgrade using the porsche boxster calipers with larger rotors.

When I come out of a hard corner I get alot of understeer which requires me
to let off the gas and loose a gear when I'm in the sweet spot of the power
ratio.  The other problem is that during hard braking just before these
tight turns the front end tires heat up too much, due to the hard brake
situation and then trying to immediately get back on the gas to get the
monster to turn in.

I spoke directly with Paul at Stasis Engineering about his race applications
that swap out the gearing in the center differentials to achieve a higher
TBR to the rear in the above situation.  The rear diff change would mainly
be to increase drag style track racing by moving most of the TBR to the rear
and similiar to the front change.  The Passat weighs alot and power is only
about 200hp/190lbs so I'm looking to get the most out of the driveline that
I can.  I would have purchased their upgrade on a trial basis but we later
found out that the  new model Passats use the T3 and they've never worked
with the newer T3 or an automatic tranny.  So my agreement with them is to
find a working model (flow charts and such) or ship them an entire assembly.

I've emailed Torsen a number of times along with some other contacts that
were suggested and I've gotten no response.  I've even gone along the lines
of requesting info through the torsen academic programs, to none avail.

Thanks all


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no and yes Joe.  You can set any torsen to have more TBR to a specific axle,

and in fact the T-3 system is designed to specifically allow that.  That
I'm not convinced that modifying a torsen on a street car is really worth 
doing.  I'm not convinced that modifying a torsen on a race car is
worth doing either (I questioned Stasis own datalogging on AW forums without

much feedback from them).  Certainly on a Passat Justin, if your plan is to 
"procure" one (as in extra), then send it to Stasis for modification, I've
got a 
better idea for you....

Buy dedicated wheels and tires.  Get really good snows (blizzacks/hakka
then go nuts on a set of summer wheels and tires.  With any extra money you 
have left over, go to a drivers school, then if you still have money left,
yourself and your car up to the Steamboat winter driving track  

My thoughts on torsen center diffs isn't going to change with the T-3.  The 
T-3 came about because of pressure from the boys at Haldex.  Frankly, I'm
of a fan of fulltime haldex than any Torsen center diff, but that's just me.

Bottom Line:  Don't let Stasis or anyone else do a damn thing to your torsen

until you understand exactly what it is you really 'want' them to do, and
the device works.  Modifying a torsen on any street car can be bested by 
wrenching on the nut behind the wheel, not mechanically what's driving them.


Scott "torsen boy" Justusson

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pizzoman at yahoo.com writes:
You can not set a torsen to adjust more for the rear,
it sends torque to the axle with the most traction and
increasing the TBR will only make spider bite
worse...right, Scott?


--- Justin Wasik <Justinw at rga.com> wrote:
> I've been trying to find out as much information
> about the torsen 3.  I've
> spoken with Stasis Engineering which modify the
> Torsen 1 and 2
> (manual/automatic audis) and they've never had the
> request to modify a
> torsen 3 which comes in the newer model Passat
> 4motion (quattro).  I'm
> trying to get ahold of info to verify which center
> differential I've got for
> sure and then procure one to send to Stasis to
> possibly modify the gearing
> to change the torque bias rate more to the rear of
> the drive wheels.
> any info would be helpful...thanks

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