[torsen] Re: Torsen twee (NAC)

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Wed Jan 7 07:30:27 EST 2004

I'm an idiot, as the problem I have with the definition of a "decent setup" 
is that with your self proclaimed "all sorts of other toys" it's still a 
60f/40r car  In fact, the neuS4tt is one of the absolute worst static weight 
balanced quattros built.  That's the definition of a front heavy pig prone to 
understeer.  Reality isn't changed by your current or former status, maybe with your 
motion picture invitations you can get miss piggy to assume a diet position.

Glad to see you are on the torsen list so you can get some basic 
understanding of the device.

Scott "torsen boy" Justusson, S.O.B.
A highly covetted ascription, only the best of the best inet keyboard 
operators, usually ascribed by SOC's dancing with a different miss piggy (this time)

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> I might suggest that you try a couple things first.  To get awd to
> "oversteer" in audi/vw applications is tough, cuz they are front heavy pigs
> prone to 
> understeer as they are all awd adaptations of FWD.

No it's not, you just have to have a decent setup and know how to drive.....

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