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Tue Jan 20 09:21:03 EST 2004

TB will jump in here.

Depends on the S car of which you speak.  Since you apparently already have 
an early S car with a locker rear, the answer might be different than someone 
with a later S car with EDL....  It also depends on your driving a bit too 

3 Channel ABS CAR Torsen rear vs Locker rear
IMO, for most drivers, the torsen *rear* will provide the better traction 
advantage over the locker.  IME (91 v8 auto with torsen rear), the torsen is 
seemless and subtle in it's torque allocation.   A locker on the other hand, is 
quite noticeable in "engagement" from both a tractive standpoint and a handling 
one.  Put another way, you drive the torsen like you do an open diff car, you 
drive a locker like a locked diff car (read lockers add massive understeer and 
attempted wheel speed differences in cornering that must be compensated for).

I personally find the torsen rear the easiest to drive in all track 
conditions.  I find the rear locker to be faster in snow, and potentially faster on the 
dry track, but to make this claim takes a LOT of experience and practice 
(btdt).  Now, if one hasn't already done the blue white interrupt on the rear 
locker disable, and you don't regularly mess with the switch, the torsen rear will 
give you a massive advantage over what you have.

4 Channel ABS CAR Torsen rear vs Locker rear
Pretty much a no brainer.  Torsens and EDL are great complements in terms of 
toolage, EDL and Lockers will fight to the death (read:  You will only use one 
or da other).  

Mark, I presume you to have the earlier car given the switch hack comment.  
This swap to a torsen is a bolt in mod.  IMO/E *given* a center torsen, a rear 
torsen is an excellent upgrade.  Given a center locker, IMO a rear torsen is 
desireable 85%+ of the time (unless you are a die hard locker fan like me), 
including track.  If you never mess with that rear locker unless you are stuck, 
go with the torsen rear, cuz 99.9% of the time it's better than a rear locker 
in the unlocked position.


Scott "TB" Justusson
'91 v8 locker center, torsen rear
'84 RS2URQ locker center,  torsen rear 
'83 Urq locker center, locker rear

In a message dated 1/19/2004 6:44:25 PM Central Standard Time, 
strangconst at rogers.com writes:
Nice read Keith..
What is better, the "hacked" diff lock button of a locker, or a torsen LSD

I straight line traction I have to believe that the locker would be better.
Until there was a need to turn.
I have not yet disabled the speed drop out hindrance of my locker. I may
never, as it doesn't seem to be something that I really need. I suppose it
would help to initiate some nice fun parking lot donuts with all 4 wheels
BTW, I have gotten it down to such an art that I can almost pivot the car on
the front / middle with all 4 wheels spinning...
Then a cop comes by :-)

Anyways, I look forward to your response between the two above, as I may be
looking for a torsen locker.
They are from an A8 ? What year ranges ?


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