[torsen] I-5 EFI Conversion Discussion???

Duncan Thomson duncan at systemcontrols.co.nz
Thu Mar 11 20:40:23 EST 2004


Yeah, sounds like a good idea to me... I've been thinking about an EFI 
project for a while too...
Currently don't own a turbo engine of any description, but am thinking 
hard about a 200tq that's for sale...

Currently considering a MegaSquirt AVR, or maybe a MegaSquirt as it is 
available right now, whereas the MSAVR v3.00 seems to be just getting 
there now...

Thinking I'll try to get started with the n/a engine I have on an engine 
stand downstairs, and try to get that working, and then transfer what I 
build up onto a turbo when I eventually get one.

Might inject a bit of life into the torsen list again...!
Would be helpful for sourcing bits, and group buys too if we can get a 
few interested... obviously plenty of brains to pick from the main list 
Also vital just for info swapping...

so yeah, sounds great, and I'll be along for the ride


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