[torsen] Re: [s-cars] Question for all you Torsen experts!

Rich Letsinger rletsinger at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 15:34:42 EDT 2005

Not an expert, but...

The torque-sensing differential is a torque multiplier.  If you're
getting twice as much grip at one end of the car than another, it'll
give that end twice as much power.  However, if you multiply anything
by zero, you get zero.  So, if you're getting no grip at one end of
the car, no amount of multiplying is going to give you any grip.

This is one way that viscous coupled or clutch type limited slip
differentials are better.  But clutches wear out and viscous diffs
have a delay associated, so torsen is still better in other ways.

As for EDL helping you, the brake caliper was probably clamped nice
and tight on the corner where the joint broke.  But, that wasn't
helping you much because the rotor is outside of the joint just like
the tires are.


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