[torsen] Automatic Transmission Shifting Problems - Bent Valve Body - ABS Safe Mode

Ivan Tuma ituma at ix.netcom.com
Tue Jan 11 15:26:50 EST 2005

Howdy from Denver,

I posted this in the V6 forum as well ... just wondering if any ZF auto 
transmission experts out there have a clue about the following problem ...

I recently bought a rolled '96 A6 Quattro Wagon with the 12V-V6 and Auto 
Trans. I seemed to run fine, until my friend and I decieded to pull the 
dented trans oil pan. We replace the filter and gasket (the dent was on 
the syphon tube side of the pan). I put it back together - 
professionally refilled the fluid and went to drive it. The ABS system 
started automatically slowing the car down to 5mph. When I unplugged the 
ABS fuse ... the ABS system doesn't come on, but the car would shift 
hard from 1st to 2nd and stay in 2nd (more on this later*). Subsequent 
shifts are super hard from first to second. It even shifts very hard 
from P or N going into D or R at a standstill.

*The Transmission module keeps throwing a "wheel speed sensor error". If 
I clear the wheel speed sensor error code using VAG-COM, it drives 
smooth until I hit a certain speed in 2nd gear - in which case the hard 
shifting starts all over again, until I clear the wheel speed sensor 
error code from the trans module.

Recently I had to drive it in 2nd from the shop back home (about 5 
miles) ... after this, the transmission started making noise when cold. 
The noise in the transmission cooler lines (coming from the pump) - it's 
a kind of a continuous mnam- mnam- mnam- mnam- mnam sound. After it 
warms up, the noise goes away.

Ultimately my question is - does this sound like the byproduct of a bent 
/ warped valve body with a leaky seal between it's two layers - esp 
around 3rd gear soleniod? Would the valve body problem cause the ABS to 
automatically pulse the brakes to slow the car down to 5mph (safe mode 

I found a place in NJ (Ericson Transmission 1-800-388-4418) that sells 
rebuilt ZF valve bodies for $450 if you send them your core. The problem 
is, that I don't want to "invest" $450 more into this car if the whole 
tranny is bad.  

Thanks for any input on this one ... it's really kicking my bu|t.


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