[torsen] FWD torsen diff

Pirvu, Eugen HRO Eugen.Pirvu at heidelberg.com
Wed Jan 19 06:07:39 EST 2005

My name is Eugen and I have an Audi coupe gt from 85 with front wheel drive.
I have finished my car upgrades: 3b 20v turbo engine, 3U gearbox, G60 front brakes and 200 tq vented discs in rear.
Yesterday I drive the car and I noticed that the power and torque of the new engine is too big for the fwd with 225/50/16 tires.
I was thinking to change the original 3u open diff with one torsen.
Do you now if I can do this?
Like this, under boost, the car is completely unstable.
Thank You very much!
Best regards!

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