[torsen] rear V8 torsen diff

Pirvu, Eugen HRO Eugen.Pirvu at heidelberg.com
Fri Jan 21 03:11:47 EST 2005

Hello! My name is Eugen and I am new in this mailing list.
I have joined this list because I have 1 problem with my modified Audi coupe front wheel drive. The engine is 3B from 200 20v turbo and the gearbox is 3U. Problem is that with the original open diff the car is dangerous unstable ( puling left or right )under boost.
I was thinking to fit in the 3U gear box the rear V8 torsen diff. I have checked this swap with the 200Q 20V turbo rear diff and is fitting ok. Question is, the 20v rear diff can be changed with the V8 diff. Maybe somebody has made this swap.
Best regards!

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