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Keith Maddock Keith.Maddock at TRW.COM
Thu Jan 27 18:04:57 EST 2005

What we need is a device capable of broadcasting a CAN message based on
reading an analog input (variable voltage provided by pot or whatever)
and/or reading a couple of binary inputs (selector wheel or buttons). 
The node then outputs this data onto the CAN bus.  The CAN message must
be able to be formatted exactly and have the correct ID per the CAN spec
for the target vehicle.   

A bonus would be that it could look for some specific messages, and
then command an output or two - to light a status LED or similar.

The Futurelec CAN node does need to operate as a slave to be
configured.   It also has to operate as a slave in order to use the 2
digital outputs - you have to send it the isntruction to turn on or off
each digital output.

Otherwise it seems (according to the instructions) to operate as a
master, by sending out a report of 3 digital inputs and the 2 analog
inputs every 500ms (which would be fine enough for this type of use).

So it's close but not quite what we need.


>>> "Buchholz, Steven" <Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com> 15:43:07
27.01.2005 >>>
... yes, I know that the interface can accept input from an external
source ... that's not what I thought we were requiring ... 

Another way to think about this is as a master/slave concept ... this
interface is a "slave," it is able to provide input and accept output
... but only upon a command from some master device.  This is not in
itself a master device.  Since I'm not completely up to speed on what
needed, this may very well suffice, but I was thinking that we were
talking about requiring some sort of master device, that is something
capable of commanding slaves to accept output data or requesting input
data from them ... 

Steve B

> It does input and output . 
>  "Provides 3 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs, together with 2
> analog 8-bit inputs."
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