[torsen] Spider Bites in the new milenium...

steadi at comcast.net steadi at comcast.net
Mon Jul 4 00:22:29 EDT 2005

On Jun 27, 2005, at 8:05 PM, Jeffrey Goggin wrote:

> Anyway, there you have it.  In years past, I was one of the louder  
> voices in the choir (hah!) and although I still know the lyrics,  
> the sound is rather different these days.  Has anyone ever been  
> bitten in a B5 chassis car?  Discuss among yourselves...

Simple answer, NO. No Spider bite. Not in my extremely Modded S4 or  
the S4 race car that I co-drive (And is Setting lap records at every  
track it turns a wheel)

Not that it ever existed in the first place, it was "Created" by a so- 
called quattro expert to explain why he wadded up someone's car.  
infact he still claims that the "Spider-bite" makes the A4 and the S4  
all but impossible to drive at the track

Eric Fletcher
'00 S4tt
RS4 K04 Turbo Conversion
RS4 Intake and Fuel
RS4 intercoolers
RS4 Downpipes/modded for flow
Miltek Exhaust
RS4 Flywheel/Clutch and Pressure plate
Penske Suspension
Stoptech 332 fronts Stasis 298 rear Brakes
Abt Z6 18x8 Wheels
Euro Headlights
and all sorts of other toys...

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