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There's a few of us old-timers around, but little activity (as you'll 
see in the archives).  Welcome back!

What's the rules on transmissions; can you weld the torsen or put in a 
locker from a 4kq?  Not sure you'd want to do either, as I'm no 
How about tire size; can you force the torsen to bias one way by 
running different diameter front/rear tires?  Not sure you'd want to 
drive like that long, but for an event, probably fine.

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After a layoff of several years, I'm back! Last fall, I was bit by the 
bug to go autocrossing again and since then, I've started preparing my 
car semi-seriously under the SCCA's Street Modified class rules. This 
time, however, I'm driving a '99.5 A4 1.8TQ instead of an '89 200q or 
'85 UrQ (both of which I still own, btw) and after a sluggish start 
(clearly, my driving skills grow rustier as I grow older!), I've 
progressed to the point where I'm now encountering some Torsen-related 
issues that I need to address/resolve.. 
Before I take the time to inititiate a discussion, though, I thought 
I'd first see who still monitors this list ... is anyone home? 
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