[torsen] Torsen center diffs...

Jeffrey Goggin jeffrey.goggin at cox.net
Sat Jun 25 15:06:50 EDT 2005

Some answers:

1) The modification and update/backdate rules on drivetrain parts are 
somewhat convoluted, but in short, drivetrain mods are essentially free. 
I can update/backdate complete assemblies (engine/tranny/diff) and I can 
modify them pretty much however I see fit.  Accordingly, I've purchased 
a complete used 2.0L: engine setup that should arrive here in Arizona in 
mid-July and be installed and running by the end of August.  Per the 
printout from its dyno session last September, it was putting out 335hp 
(at the wheels!) at 29psi of boost on 101 octane race gas.  Should be 
fun!  {BTW, it's because of this considerable increase in power I'll be 
dealing with that  I've started thinking about Torsens again, since the 
tires know nothing about torque splits and bias ratios, and only see 
absolute figures.)

2) For the moment, I'm running wider wheels in front (8x16) than in rear 
(7x16) but the same size tires.  I'll ultimately run 9x16s in front and 
8x16s in rear, but this is  something that will have to wait until I 
replenish my "toy" budget.  I'm still getting back up to speed about 
Torsen diffs, and based upon my present understanding, it isn't clear to 
me that running different diameter tires front and back will  have much 
effect upon the torque split...

> What's the rules on transmissions; can you weld the torsen or put in a 
> locker from a 4kq?  Not sure you'd want to do either, as I'm no 
> autocrosser.
> How about tire size; can you force the torsen to bias one way by 
> running different diameter front/rear tires?  Not sure you'd want to 
> drive like that long, but for an event, probably fine.
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