[torsen] RE: Torsens in the new milenium...

Jeffrey Goggin jeffrey.goggin at cox.net
Wed Jun 29 23:05:07 EDT 2005

Another question/thought: How is EDL affected by left-foot braking?  
Although I don't (can't) left-foot brake my A4 (my 13Es are simply too 
large!), I can (and often do) apply both the brake and throttle with my 
right foot, and I also trailbrake quite a bit.  Will this cause the EDL 
to behave differently than if I brake in a straight line and don't apply 
the throttle at the same time?  I have no idea what sort of matrix the 
EDL software uses to determine what it should be doing and when...

And while I'm on the subject, I understand it's possible to disable EDL 
and ABS without also screwing up the brake bias (which is handled by the 
ABS pump) by unplugging the connector underneath the ABS pump.  While an 
electronic co-driver is useful for street driving, my experience has 
been that I almost always prefer to bypass them for any sort of 
performance driving and leave control of the car exclusively up to me.

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