[torsen] Rallycross and e-brake turns

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 I'll try to get some more time on this later, but here's my thinking...  The torsen will go to maximum torque bias ratio when the handbrake is applied but wheels not skidding.  Remember reverse acceleration is torque application.  Once you skid the rears, the torsen will allow one axle to stop and the other to turn while applying maximum TBR to the rear axle.  Several torsen owners use this method at steamboat ( see videos at www.gruppe-q.com ) with great success.  I suspect that there is some drag on the front wheels when doing this since the torsen doesn't like excessive speed differentiation, but will allow it, especially true during deceleration when torque is low anyway.  
Scott Justusson
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Congrats!  I've wanted to do the same thing with the V8 some day ...

I was hoping folks with BTDT might respond ... but since they haven't I 
thought I'd lend my tuppence ... mostly in a likely vain attempt to get more 
activity on this list!  :-)

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