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... forwarding from Brett ...

BTW, it seems to me setting up a free account with Yahoo, gmail ... or
even hawaii.com ... is one way around this situation ... 


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> In the coming month AOL will be requiring bulk email senders to
> certify themselves with Goodlink's CertifiedEmail system.  It is not
> precisely clear what kinds of email traffic will require the sender
> to pay what basically amounts to a "yes, we'll deliver your email"
> bribe, nor is it clear how our ability to send email to AOL users
> will be affected.
> If it comes down to Audifans having to pay to send AOL users mail, or
> dropping all AOL addresses, I think you can guess which way the ball
> will roll.  I suggest finding a new internet service provider in the
> next 30 days if you wish to guarantee you will be able to receive ANY
> mailing list mail (ie, not just Audifans), or simply do it on
> principle.  You'll be voting with your wallet against an attempt to
> impose a class system onto what has been a free communications
> medium.  This is a very dangerous path- Yahoo is rumored to have
> signed up with Goodlink as well, and if they do- other ISPs and
> webmail providers will most likely follow.
> Groups like Audifans already face challenges when it comes to running
> a mailing list service.  An increasing number of mail servers block
> ANY dynamic IP address ranges at internet service providers, and most
> if not all Internet Service Providers prohibit ANY type of server
> (mail, web, etc) from running off their service.  Some specifically
> ban mailing lists and discussion boards.  Not so scary when you think
> about car enthusiast mailing lists.  More scary when you think about
> lists for organizing citizen, consumer, or employee action, protest,
> etc.  The government isn't the biggest challenge to your free speech
> rights when it comes to the internet. The corporate world is.
> This will just be another nail in the coffin.  You can help pull that
> nail out by supporting local internet service providers, instead of
> forking over cast to a giant, useless dinosaur like AOL.  It may take
> a little digging, but chances are you can find a local dialup or DSL
> provider in your area; some towns and cities even have co-op style
> internet service providers.
> Brett
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