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Wed Mar 7 20:46:28 EST 2007

when you are making a sharp turn ... usually when parking ... where you =
can get scrub on the outside wheel ...

I think a lot of the decision is based on what your goal is ... are you =
talking about a street or track car?  Are you looking at limited =
slip/locking diffs because you plan to be driving the car in adverse =
conditions a lot?  Might the Torsen's limitations leave you stuck in mud =
or snow some time?

Steve B
San Jos=E9, CA (USA)
> Depends on what you are doing with it.
> IME, a locker advantage is on snow and ice tracks (_www.gruppe-q.com_
> ( ), a torsen rear has  advantage on street, =
> snow/ice,
> and 'usually' dry track.  For a street  car, I'd probably keep the =
> center and torsen rear, especially on the  v8.
> The link Scott P directed you to was for torsen center applications.
> Torsens can be modified quite easily, but I'm not really convinced a =
wide TBR
> torsen center does all that Stasis advertises anywhere but on a track =
with a
> full
> track car.  Even then, there might be some advantages to exploring  =
some other
> options in terms of handling.  The downside I see to a wide TBR  on a =
> car is when at the limit of adhesion in a turn, the torque  =
oscillation (see
> audifans and torsen archives - Spider Bite) will be much  higher, read =
> tougher to control.  Stasis has great success with this  mod, no =
doubt, but
> the
> rest of the chassis is already idealized for strictly  racing on =
track.  I'm
> not convinced that translates into better chassis  dynamics on the =
> Back to your original question, not sure what you are looking for.   =
> I've had great luck converting a 2700lb 5ktq track car to torsen rear  =
> center).  For Steamboat, rallycross and snow, I prefer the lift  =
> oversteer the locker rear presents.  For day to day driving, the  v8
> autolocker
> center torsen rear is really tough to beat in any weather.
> Not sure if I answered your question...
> Scott Justusson, aka 'torsen boy'
> In a message dated 3/12/2007 2:40:58 P.M. Central Standard Time,
> andyschlueter at writes:
> Ok I think I really got myself confused  with v8 rear ends. What is =
better to
> have?
> Locker or a torsen? Someone  school me on this, or is it better to =
keep the
> rear torsen and the center locked  like the stock auto?
> Andrew W. Schlueter

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