[Tt] anyone home?

ARPCAxPREZ at aol.com ARPCAxPREZ at aol.com
Wed Dec 15 13:38:10 EST 2004

Thanks for the past replys to me, I'm the new guy on this list.  I know it's not very active, although I do have a couple questions I thought you guys that are here could help. 
I have a '01 225q roadster, and we just had our first cold spell/snow and I lost my express feature on the driver's window.....also the window does not drop when the door is opened.  I just checked again today with no change, but, the passinger side window drops when I open that door.  The drivers side still does not drop. I thought maybe the cold temps brought this on?
Any ideas.
Also, is there a way to program the radio to stay on after you turn the key off, but before you remove the key..similar to the way I had it with my A4.
Thanks for the help.....got more questions brewing, if you don't mind.
Brad Blumfeldt
Pittsburgh PA
01 TT 225q

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