[Tt] Wanted: photo of your TT for a new website

hot_cars at hi-mpg.org hot_cars at hi-mpg.org
Mon Nov 15 01:15:30 EST 2004

Would anyone like a photo of their TT (any model) on a new website?  
The website is http://hi-mpg.org, which was started as a means to 
identify fuel-efficient vehicles (e.g., 30+ mpg on the highway) that 
people actually can get excited about and really would like to own.  So 
while Ford Festivas and Kia Sephias don't qualify, (some) TTs do!  
Alas, I have not seen a TT out here in a little while (which is 
surprising since I live in CA), much less be able to photograph 
one--hence, instead of just ripping one off of the internet and 
possibly violating copyrights, I thought I'd solicit photos from actual 

I actually only need one good photo, so whoever emails me the best 
photo by, say, Monday night or so gets their photo on the Audi TT page. 
  I don't expect to receive a lot of replies to this request but if that 
happens, I will rotate photos (using a random-photo algorithm) on the 
TT page so that those who take the time to reply to this request aren't 
doing so for nothing...

JPEG format would be best, and it only needs to be web-quality (please, 
no photos over 500 kB).  Thanks in advance.  Happy motoring!
hot_cars at hi-mpg.org

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