[Tt] help

Case and Mary ccbmbb at charter.net
Sun Feb 20 15:40:26 EST 2005



First, let me rethink all of you on the list for past assistance.  My last
correspondence was in regard to an '89 100, which served us well but is now


We just purchased a 2001 TT roadster Quattro 225 HP (for my wife) with
43,600 miles.  The negotiated price was favorable, in part because the glove
box door is broken.  Can anyone give me some idea of how difficult it is to
replace the glove box door?  I have called and emailed and they are pricey,
but the dealer wants enough money that I am considering a part from salvage.


Also, are there any specific issues that I should be aware of or looking out
for?  I am very impressed with the overall performance of the car and love
the look of it, but the tires make a god awful racket, so I am looking for


Thanks to all!





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