[urq] Warm up regulator mod question

DGraber460 at aol.com DGraber460 at aol.com
Mon Dec 1 22:39:00 EST 2003

The CPR mod you refer to has been done by many, but I found a more precise 
(and reversible) method of dealing with this issue. Under the bottom plate 
(inside) of the CPR is an allen head screw that will adjust the pressures with a 
great deal of repeatable accuracy.
Major caveat! Follow Phil P's advice and measure the fuel pressures first, 
and always with every change. As Phil has said before, the 3 most important 
factors in tuning CIS are
1 fuel pressure
2 fuel pressure
3 fuel pressure

"Good judgment is a result of experience, which is often the result of poor 

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