[urq] Fuel mileage: Update - WAS Coolant temp sensor and duty cycle q's

Louis-Alain RICHARD laraa at sympatico.ca
Tue Dec 2 00:36:49 EST 2003

>And, most important, the fuel mileage is 3 liter/100 km (4 mpg) worst than

I hate this when I have to correct my own words...

Yes my mileage was very bad. No, it can't be only a wrong temp sensor.

And when you add fuel odor + bad mileage, you get a fuel leak!

During the installation of my winter wheels tonight, I found a rubber tube
leaking gas, the small one for the return line. So, even if outside temp was
5 below zero (Celcius, guys, Celcius!), I tried, and succeed, to remove the
fuel tank. Easy job, indeed. Must thank Audi because they put the reservoir
IN the trunk. Can't say the same about the fuel pump...

But I found strange things under the fuel tank:

1- About 25 1-inch screws, the same kind one would use to install speakers.
Somebody must have drop a box there by mistake. Or on purpose.
2- Broken glass.
3- Rust. 
4- Clips, the same kind one would use when installing speakers.
5- Metal tailings. Lots of. This might explain #3.
6- Sticky stuff, like the grey putty plumbers use to seal a sink on a
countertop. Looks like there was (in another life) 2 amplifiers "nicely
secured" with this stuff on the top of the reservoir.

I don't have a proof, but I guess all this come from the same guy, the
speaker man. I am just wondering why there is some glass...  In fact, I
don't want to know how he broke the rear window when he tried to install the
(nowhere to be found now) speakers/amplifiers.

The fuel tank itself is fine, minimal internal rust (I just emptied it
carefully to get rid of the orange stuff). And I was really surprised that
such a big reservoir didn't have any baffles at all to _calm_ the fuel when
not full. So the strange noise I hear when the tank is empty is probably the
float banging on the bottom of the tank. Must be, since there is no other
part in there...

BTW, if my fuel gauge is not showing full, should I mess with the float rod
to "adjust" it? Is there an adjustment somewhere?


Hands clean but still smelling gas...

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