[urq] Re: urq Digest, Vol 2, Issue 9

Jon Archibald urquattro at comcast.net
Sun Dec 7 15:33:09 EST 2003

I had very similar symptoms for 2 months or so before the hall sender
crapped out for good on my 16v Scirocco. I'm not sure what part the moisture
played, but it would do said sputtering and shutting off pretty consistently
when it was wet outside. Distributor replaced, problem gone. Your results
may vary, but if you have a separately replaceable hall sender, -might- be
worth a try.

> Also while I have your attention, I was out doing drifts today in the snow
and got the car a little wet.  My car is a 1990 80 quattro 10v.  As of
lately, whenever it rains hard and I go over some big puddles, or if I'm in
the snow, etc, the car craps out on me later, especially if I go to shut the
car soon after getting it wet and try to start it again later.
> It starts idling rough and low, then I'll give it gas, and it sputters and
shuts off.  Then I'll try to start it and same thing.  The wetter it gets
the harder it is to start as well.  But if I succeed in starting and can
launch the car and keep the RPMS up very high, it sometimes will keep
running until I go to slow down and it shuts off again.

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