[urq] No start woes

Gary Erickson gary.erickson at rainymountain.com
Mon Dec 8 14:51:30 EST 2003

OK folks, I'm looking for any/all suggestions folks want to throw out
for me.

The patient is an early '82 with the original WX/MAC-02 combination.

For all of the other little issues this car had when it came to me,
starting wasn't one of them.  Granted, with the Abt cam, it didn't
want to idle real well until it was warmed up, but it always started
and caught without any issues.

The car has been off the road for a couple of weeks for non-engine
related issues (rear brakes, heater core & hoses, swap stock boost
gauge for CGT coolant temp gauge).

Since I reinstalled the ECU (glovebox came out for heater core swap),
the car is refusing to start.  Near as I can tell, there's no spark at
the plugs.

There's plenty of voltage at the coil and ECU, all grounds are clean
and checked, and there's plenty of fuel being delivered.

This one's frustrating the hell out of me since I didn't work on
anything related to engine management and I'm not exactly finding an
abundance of troubleshooting info for the WX engine.

Thoughts and suggestions greatly appreciated!

Thanks much,


'82 ur-q
'89 200tqa
'94 S4

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